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About Equestrian Kids
Horse Power & Pony Farm Temple, NH
What is Equestrian Kids? Equestrian kids is a website made especially for young horse owners and riders. What does this site offer to a young equestrian? The Wash Rack-horse care and grooming The Riding Ring-links, photographs, interesting facts about the history and origin of different riding styles and techniques, plus more... The Show Ring-links to show scheduales in a various locations The Club House-links to different pony and horse related clubs and websites The Photo Gallery-kids may submit up to 5 pictures of their horses or any other horse-related material EK~Horse Chat-NEW-A horse chat that is open to EVERYONE 24 hours an day and that offers theme conferences twice per month. Bulletin Board-NEW-Anyone may post a message or reply to messages. Open to all horse/riding related topics. FREE advertizeing-NEW-Advertise your horse-related buisness here FREE!!!! Equine Excellence Award-NEW-Given to outstanding horses and ponies. Junior/Younge Riders Award-NEW-This award is VERY hard to win. You can try your luck in the Indoor arena. Dozen of Links-Add yours today!!

Coming Soon to Equestrian Kids....

*More photos in the gallery with your help

*The History Of the Horse from Eohippus to Equus..

*The Great Equestrians Of the twentieth century

*More demonstrative riding photos in The Indoor Arena not all of me

*Plus more, more, more, more!!!!!!

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