The Excellence Award

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The Junior/Younge Rider Award Of Excellence is given to only the most outstanding and successful younge equestrians. You are judged by your training & your showing success. This contest is open to all riders of the English discipline who are age 18 and under. You do not have to own a horse to enter. I have the right to select and reject any entry and I will not tolerate any rude or bitter mail from those who enter and do not win. Please fill out the form below-You will be notified via e-mail within a week of your submission. We contact you whether or not you win.

Junior/Younge Rider Excellence Award Entry Form

How Long Have You Been Riding?:
What Discipline(s) Do You Ride?:
Do You Take Riding Lessons?:
(Complete this section if you answered "yes") Stable Name:
What disciplines are you taught here?(be specific):
Do You Show?:
If so, how long have you been showing?
Please give us a description of the types of shows & classes you ride/have ridden in and your success in each.( be as specific and as accurate as possible. Include classes, placings, and for major events, the event name. Also include any prestigous titles you've earned.)
If You Have Any Other Information That You Feel Will Aid Us in Our Descision, Please Type Here:
PHOTOGRAPHY:(pictures will better your chances of winning but do not make the descision) Picture #1:
Picture #2:
Picture #3:
Thank you for your time~Click the "finished" button once please.

And The Winners Are....

Elizabeth W. Topeka, Kansas LIZ Jacksonville, Florida Nina Virginia Kristin North Babylon, New York