Closedown's Banners

    I am  going to be creating banner for horse-related websites for
FREE. Here are some of the banners I have created, most are still in 
used on the web. The directions on how to order a banner are at the 
bottom of the page. Please DO NOT e-mail me for banner orders!!!

Happy Hunting!!!


The Banners

My homepage's logo The smaller version used for links on other pages The logo for The Education Station The Kid-Friendly website certificate The logo for the JUMP FOR JOY horse club A banner I made for a SIM stable The "images" banner for my sisters site The "links" banner for my sisters site "Amanda's Horsey Homepage" Banner The banner for "The Crazy Horse Riding Club" NOTE: These banners are NOT for use by anyone other than the person/ website it was created for.

How To Order

  To order a banner, please leave me a message on my machine with the
following information:

Homepage Name:

Homepage URL:

Your E-mail Adress:

The Title of the banner:

The information you would like printed on the banner:

The image(s) you would like used for the banner:

Any other details or information:

If you do I will delete them!

Send Orders HERE

Please Allow up to 2 weeks for the creation of your banner. Please do NOT harrass me 
or I will get REALLY mad!!! If there is a specific time you need the banner by, please
include that information with your order.

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