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WELCOME TO THE EDUCATION STATION!!!! Here is where you'll find tons and tons of horsey facts and information.....more information than ANYONE really NEEDS to know. On this page you'll find important facts( and a lot of not so important facts), definitions, breed profiles, how to make a emergency halter & much, much more!!!!!'s almost pathetic! So pull up a seat (or a tack box) and stay a while, you're in for a lot a learnin'!!!

GIRTH:1.The circumference of the body measured from behind the withers around the barrel. 2.A peice of tack used to hold the saddle in place on the horse.
Did You Know? American race tracks, such as the course in Churchill Downs(Louisville,KY), are "dirt Tracks". But in Europe, they run on prepared grass tracks.
BROOD MARE:A mare used for breeding ON THE BIT:This is when a horse carries his head in a near-vertical plane, the mouth a little below the rider's hand.
The Parts Of The Horse "BAR" The area between the lower-jaw molars and incisors on which the bit rests.
EXTENSION:The extension of the paces is the lengthening of the stride and outline. HAUTE ECOLE:The classical art of advanced riding. FLEXION:When a horse yields its lower jaw to the bit with the head bent at the poll. The Palomino isn't considered a breed because the golden coloring exists in too many types & breeds of horses.
Did You Know? When the British fall off of their horse, they call it having a "spill". A common phrase is "Had a bad spill" or "took a spill".
STALLION:An uncastrated horse over 4 years of age.
"EWE NECK" The neck is concave along the upper edge, with a protrusion of muscle on the underside. Parts Of The Hoof
FARRIER:A person proffesionalizing in shoeing, re-shoeing, and the regular trimming of a horses hooves. COLT:An uncastrated horse under 4 years of age. HEAD SHY:A condition in which a horse is sensitive about his head. In severe cases, it becomes impossible or nearly impossible to halter or bridle him. TACK:Saddle & Bridle/ TACK-UP to saddle and bridle a horse. BLEMISH:A permanent mark left by either injury or disease.
A pony is a small horse, not exceeding 14.2 hh.
FILLY:A female horse under 4 years of age.(At 4 years and beyond they are considered a mare) CHESTNUT:The horney growths on the insides of each leg. WHIP:1.The driver of a carriage 2.An artificial aid, also known as a "crop". HIND QUARTERS:The body from the rear of the flank to the top of the tail down to the top of the gaskin.
DAM:A horse's female parent-mother. GELDING:A castrated or altered horse.
The missouri Fox Trotter has a special gait called the "Fox Trot" in which the back remains level so that the rider does not feel the movement.
BARREL:The body between the forearms and the loins. PINTO:Patches of white and any other color. HACK:A recognized type of light riding horse. CANNON BONE:The bone of the foreleg between the knee and the fetlock. AGED:A horse of seven years or more.
Did You Know? American fox hunting began in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania during the 17th century. American participants hunt the grey fox in the absence of the red.
FORELOCK:The mane between the ears, which hangs over the forehead. SKEWBALD:English term for body color of irregular white and colored patches other than black. US term is PAINT or PINTO DOCK:The part of the tail on which the hair grows, it has a hairless underside.
Another term for riding horse is "SADDLE HORSE"
PIGEON TOES:A conformation fault in which the feet are turned inward. BLUE HOOF:Dense, blue-black coloring of the horn. COW HOCKS:Hocks turned inward at the point. FOREHAND:The horse's head, neck, shoulders, whithers, and forelegs.
BOSAL:A braided noseband used in western equitation. DIPPED BACK:An unusually hollow back between the whithers and the croup, usually occuring with old age. Also called "SWAY BACKED" PIEBALD:English term for body color of black and white patches. The US term is PINTO BOW HOCKS:Outward turned hocks.
"LOPE" A slow, western canter performed with natural head carriage.
ENGAGMENT:When the hind legs are brought well under the body. BREAKING:The earliest training of a horse. More coming soon..........


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